Saturday, 5 January 2013

Zanzotto: Treviso

Once again in the zizzy dialect
he set out to park reality in our minds

The stone houses of Treviso
ancient pavings in summer heat

Here the words track earth change
all the way to the Geiger levels

Barely able to believe
it is coming to an end already

Down where the rootworks feed
grasses picking their moment to gush

The radio waves muzzy and chattering
their once in lifetime insistences

We return to it his intuitions
that in his way mutated into instructions

Invitations  invasions intimations
that nature (word overused) gets us in turn

Once again here in the surety
language offers he gets us

For whom Treviso is a day trip
farmlands fallen castles canals

More so where we are now this instant
listening not only to solitary cicadas

Or jazz from an outmoded sound machine
in antipodean backyards at dusk

Questions about ends and starts
all our best laid designs

Are playing their tricks in his rhetoric
it is almost unbelievable

See that bullock shape of Treviso
he lived inside full time all its myriad tangle

Lines now we return to in modest imprints
work through via online Englishings

1 comment:

  1. Interesting descriptions in form of poetry. Congrats for this experience!