Friday, 29 June 2018

MAP Wisława Szymborska

Day 2
I have accepted the challenge to post the cover of seven books that I love: no explanation, no review, just the cover. Each time I post a cover, I’ll ask a friend to take up the challenge. Meanwhile, here are 100 words on a word in the title:

Map (June) 
This map of myriad marks, unfolding pages over a lifetime, when spread out, how to read it? Will it get to the heart of it, flesh out the life that gave it shape? A sentence hangs over me daily, fully formed, or invisible until prompted. I set it out, then another, into contours I can scarcely explain myself, sometimes. These maps of words record features navigators alter with time. Promontory of Youth is renamed Narcissus Point. Desert of Emptiness is recharted Godzone. Seas of Adventure appear the same as Eros Ocean. Strange Shore becomes Friendly Islands; Guilt Trip, Strait Gate.

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