Tuesday, 3 July 2018

The Art of Living SAUL STEINBERG

Day 6
I have accepted the challenge to post the cover of seven books that I love: no explanation, no review, just the cover. Today, ‘The Art of Living’ by Saul Steinberg. Each time I post a cover, I’ll ask a friend to take up the challenge. Meanwhile, here are 100 words on a word in the title:

Living  (July)
Lessons from Saul Steinberg’s ‘The Art of Living’ (1945). Half the news is got looking over someone else’s shoulder. Staircases to underground platforms come all the way from the bottom. It takes a tree to make a wooden chair. Art is 90% decoration, 10% indication. Pavements are made to be broken. All ideologies lead to 14th July Square. Grand railway stations were the people’s palaces. Music begins with a bang or a whimper. Martians are just human, after all. If you must faint, have someone to catch you. Some artists draw long bows. A bird’s song is the cat’s whiskers. 

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