Sunday, 8 July 2018

The Book of Psalms

Psalm: Heidelberg West

Day 9
The Bible and Shakespeare are non-starters on a desert island. The rules of that game imply that the island consists of the Bible and Shakespeare. Here is the book that I have been reading every year, in one way or another, though especially in church, since I was born. It is the Book of Psalms. All 150 appear in the Bible, but also in every kind of translation in pew notes, overheads, powerpoints, CD booklets, &c. Lately someone has been painting the word around more desolate parts of Melbourne. 'Someone', though it's probably a collective of psalmists, given the varying calligraphic styles of PSALM. In keeping with this exercise, here are 100 words on a word in the title:

Psalm (July)
Lately we sing the oldest songs. The only book I’ve heard every year of my life. Lately, this July, I heard an explanation of discernment. We live with God within the spacious confines of consolation and desolation. Whoever we are in all the world’s imagined corners, there is consolation. Sets of psalm words set aside for the day, and in their settings, speak to God. Nor in desolation may we abandon hope. They are our words and we read them. Lately we sing as we read and recount praise and thanksgiving. We read again their heartfelt intent, descent, and ascent.

Psalm: Port Melbourne

Psalm: Tullamarine

Psalm: Thornbury

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