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He is John Ashbery

He gets so worked up about what takes a long time to work out. He walks off the stage when it gets dull. He looks around for the record player. He has put in at least ten thousand hours. He sends a poem called 'The Prelude’ to a New York editor, with a covering note. He remembers the road down to the beach in autumn. He inspires people to send mail, sometimes more than once. He inspires tributes. He is an American poet. He has been under an influence that he didn’t understand. He has been under the influence. He is an attraction, which wasn’t always the case. He is an inspiration to many Australian poets. He influences the writing of other poems. He is addressed. He is in some way neither in nor out of control. He rarely stoops to et cetera. He is previously published, which is an advantage. He is in book form. He gets the okay from his publisher. He is possible. He doesn’t worry about acknowledgments. He is at this stage, though this