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The Young Poet Only Writes to the Academic Professor

The Young Poet Only Writes to the Academic Professor Thanks for the Original Message. Hell, it's 6:06 PM already and I haven't started cooking dinner. I guess Jasmine Anderson’s email doesn’t work and the sky is very grey over Greensborough, just like yesterday. We'd all really like a poem from her. She’s one of the main people on our list. But isn't she always? Damn it! The garden looks good with a wet path. 'Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme' is like something from another time or Time, as they say in those comics I threw in the recycler. Let's talk about the transfer of herbs but as the Pope has said many times it's an apology makes a world of difference and makes the world different… They've been saying that for some Time, Popes. And then there's the job. Not that they’ve actually given it to you yet, but you’re thinking you won’t go for it when they advertise it. A little oregano does wonders in a bolognese sauce. Simon