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Spirit wit: Five sonnets for Les Murray

  Perverb A slight subversion is a shared smile: He who laughs last didn't get the joke. Lead with the chin and lose your grin. One hand clapping gets the ears flapping. What doesn't kill you leaves your nose out of joint. Keep your eye on the ball and shoulder to the wheel. A phone in the hand is a crash in the pole. It takes the biscuit how the cookie crumbles. Money makes the world go round money. Phoney pols are a crash in the polls. Her Greek gifts were his Achilles heel. Trackwork means footwork: less trains less often. All roads lead to home sweet home. When in Rome, go to Rio. Eye When in Rome, go to riotous Raphael Crowded with weekday shoppers in bold folds, Their once-in-a-lifetime vistas untold Where empires' blockbusters never fail. Vespas buzz out of sight of oculus; Palaces peer down, churches seek repair. Human-high inscriptions defy despair, Cool sublime atop the ridiculous. Eye summonses, with palindrome