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Australian Love Poems 2013

This review first appeared in Eureka Street in early November: Saying we love someone can take all our courage, all our wisdom, all our foolishness, and often we don’t know how to say it. When we do get to say we love someone, sometimes we reach for the pitch known as poetry. Of all the art forms, poetry and song relay love most immediately. A book of all new work (Australian love poems 2013, edited by Mark Tredinnick. Inkerman & Blunt Publishers ISBN 978-0-9875401-0-2) shows how poetry can stretch the message to screaming point, or say it all in a few seconds. Poetry allows us to say just how silly we feel or can make of a simple admission, something sublime. Michael Sharkey asks profusely The sky that falls in children’s tales, the tide that ebbs, the moon’s Swiss cheese, Nijinsky’s dance. Stravinsky’s Flood ; what if I said you’re all of these. While Petra White forces a needful perspectiv