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And it Shall be Written in Eight and Six: A Midsummer Night’s Dream PHILIP HARVEY

[Literally] Literally this is what’s going on as we speak. Mechanicals have answered their mobiles. They are working on the props between smokos. Fairies consort with some fairly ordinary royals. Whatever’s in that drink it’s messing with their minds. We don’t mind if we do, say they. They’re on. Like, literally, how can something so wrong Feel so right and why does everyone around Laugh at the wrong moments? That should be so right. Literally it’s already later as we speak these words. The plot’s forgot, the director’s gone home. They dream through habitations all their own. Literally, who has space for this emotion That is so much yes, only to turn out no? [Prologue] That so much yes yes only turns out no Texts forwards days, near-tears, mostly truth; Whether another, and will anything soothe, Or stop time? Is this the end, or the go? What do you see in them? ask the prolix. Refer to your blameless past and your blog. Yes “well, w