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How to Read John O’Donohue

  How to Read John O’Donohue   The writing of John O’Donohue is in pacific time.   It receives a great many queries. Consideration and processing can take several weeks.   Please be sure to give yourself plenty of lead time. In some cases this can increase the time needed to complete the process.   Some have asked to share their own experiences in relation to passing. They find that their own words fail them.   Remain faithful.   Navigate the revised universe. We find ourselves in response to those requests in the writing of John O’Donohue.   The writing created a page, a place for others to share thoughts and memories:   Name, Street Address, City, Province, Postal Code, Country.     Lines found on the permissions page of the John O’Donohue website. This work has been constructed according to the method of ‘remade found poetry’ in Annie Dillard’s book ‘Mornings Like This’ (1995).