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An eight line poem prompts a dialogue with Talitha Fraser on Facebook about theopoetics

Image by Talitha Fraser you put up the new fence but don't take down the old instead of recycling for parts there is merely a slow degradation of the old material tumour benign or malignant? diagnosis unknown P: There are times when it's clear who 'you' is in your poems, other times when 'you' defies easy identification. This poem is in the latter category, if it's a category. T: Here the "you" is me! # contemplativereflection # firstthelog P: Well, that clears that up then. T: I just fell into a black hole of pros and cons of the use of first person narrative in poetry... which hasn't cleared up anything but suffice it to say the most humbling moments of sharing my poetry would be when I manage to write something that others say it resonates with them and names something they didn't have words for... so whi