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Pasternak Time: “Summer stops us in our tracks”

Pasternak Time: “Summer stops us in our tracks” Summer stops us in our tracks, The heat wave and the heat wave City roads and gardens empty as flyleaves, The heat wave and some reading time Behind the louvres, in the parlour cool. Averbakh, Troshchenko, Kirpotin, Gidash, Party names denouncing Pasternak ‘fellow traveller’ ‘class warfare’ ‘bourgeois’ ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ ‘formalism’ Only names now in a book on Pasternak. Their words are an entire climate Stopping everyone in their tracks, Oppressive and disempowering and heated, As if the city should endure no let-up, Empty of any vehicle for new words. Between paragraphs our eyes take a rest. Only in the surviving pages of Pasternak, The supporting letters of friends of Pasternak Does life go on behind the louvres: Bright lines, some rewarding reading time, Rumours of a cool change by the weekend.

Pasternak Time: “Two-timing takes its toll”

Pasternak Time: “Two-timing takes its toll” Two-timing takes its toll As the secret gets out And everyone is drawn in Whether they take sides, or not. Mistress Revolution or Lady Art: Will he never make up his mind? Who’s it going to be? Their beauties so transparent, Their expectations almost eternal, Their moves fabulous and fickle. Someone is going to get hurt, Someone else tries not to care. Divides become apparent. Mademoiselle The Present and Madame The Past: What’s the choice? Who will he stay with? Will they all just stick it out? Or will someone get the flick? Commentary circulates: Only death will come between them. Everybody is talking, No two opinions quite the same, But on this they agree: It’s an uneasy truce Where no-one is completely happy, No side gets everything they want. Life must go on now this is the situation. Watch the calculations start! Miss Chance or Dame Fortune? The compromises settle uncomfortab