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“What if I said you’re all of these” – Michael Sharkey

Two Sonnets Ten Talk: or, Ten to the Dozen What if I said you’re all of these “Yeah whatever can I run round the block?” A singular wonder, a soft breeze, You leave us all timeless, even the clock. So embarrassing to hear that stuff. You change the subject with questions “What’s new?” and “How do you spell ‘enough’?” Homework, piano, plus other suggestions. All’s not as it seems, while we’re on it, As you rebuff praise and cut to the chase. A week later you ask how’s the sonnet While you put a bookmark in place. “You know,” you say, “it starts (if you please) ‘What if I said you’re all of these?’” Questionnaire: Please Limit Answers to One Hundred Words What if I said you’re all of these? When did it start? When will it end? What is asked for on our knees? Where’s the safest address to send? Why are there things that words can’t say?