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Fan fiction 12: Homer

  The grey-eyed goddess is the grey-eyed goddess We meet at daybreak like it’s a new day. Rate this day against the usual array! Weight of desire, the wait of transgress, Everything shaping for a brand new spoil The reason trivial, typical, near: Land claim, male pride, beauty skin deep, feud fear. Hidden from sight she lets events uncoil. The wine dark sea is the wine dark sea We stare into drunk, stare into sober, The swell describing how warfare can be The turmoil that thrills, alienates and shifts; The race homeward ours too, over and over. The still, where ships wait for the wind to lift.

Fan fiction 11: Samuel Taylor Coleridge

A painted ship upon a painted ocean Turquoise tempestuous Turneresque trip. Eyeball fixed to zenith. Tremulous lip. Poppyseed concentrate blanks emotions: Wedding guests flying with mirth above Earth A bustle in their hedgerows oh don’t you see Killer robots infecting circuitry My albatross password tossed in the surf? Cosmic confectionery all swirled up, An emerald iceberg cake, a melting sun The sweet green icing flowing down, sorry up. I’ll have one of those and one of those Someone where’s the convenience someone Get a doctor I think I’ve overdosed.

Fan fiction 10: Stevie Smith

I was much too far out all my life Flamboyant language and jackets to match. My mind freed dragons when I lifted the latch, Ignored all advice on trouble and strife. When I was not downing I was watching The next round of drinks rolling into sight. Night was day at clubland and day was night. Anyone who had a heart was something. Feel the heat of summer’s cosmic knowledge! Now was the speed made me reel alive Not driving but wheeling close to the edge. Now is the need to stay out of the cold, Not dreaming but wanting that inner drive. Too young to die once, now here I am, old.